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Mindfulness & Health Coaching Strategies for Weight Loss

Wherever you are on your journey of weight loss, Ashley will help you take your next step…

Our modern culture makes it more challenging than ever for human beings to reach and maintain a healthy weight. At the very same time, access to the wisdom of ancient teachings and modern psychological coaching strategies can provide a path to a peaceful relationship with food and eating.

Many people have a general idea of what they “should” be eating, but have a hard time choosing to eat healthy foods on a day-to-day basis. In both the workshop and the online course, we explore the important role the mind plays in losing weight, and how mindfulness (the ability to sustain present moment awareness, without judgement) and health coaching strategies (techniques for understanding why losing weight is deeply important to you) are the foundation of lasting change.

Brain Insight

Learn how to break from your evolutionary impulses


Understand the physiological complexities of metabolism, and why losing weight isn’t “simple”


Building awareness through meditation as an essential key to lasting change


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