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Insight into Weight Loss

“Thank you for everything! Today gave me the insight and perspective I need to make changes. I think it will take me a while to unpack everything I learned…”
Marion B.
“This workshop was so helpful, I’ve finally uncovered where I’m going wrong. I’m looking forward to changing my approach.”
Barbara T.
“Totally worth it - I loved everything about it! It was so valuable to hear others’ experiences. Ashley is extremely knowledgeable and empathetic.”
Jim M.

One-on-One Wellness Coaching

“I like coaching because it emphasizes what you can do rather than what you can’t do. It takes you on a different journey and Ashley is the most wonderful, professional and caring coach.”
Mira A.
“Through coaching I’ve incorporated many forms of activity into my life (walking, swimming, stretching). I’m finally experiencing the lift to my spirits from exercise and I’ve lost over 60 lbs. Ashley listens carefully, approaches issues creatively, and emphasizes the positive - she’s encouraging, supportive and fun!”
Linda C.

Group Coaching

“The classes fostered an excellent, collaborative atmosphere. We came from different backgrounds, but had many goals and challenges in common and could relate to each others’ experiences.”
Michael S.
“By taking this course I became aware of the vision I have for my life, the things that matter down deep. I was also able to achieve weekly goals, small victories which made my days more complete in a spiritual, physical and intellectual way.”
Charles T.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

“Outstanding experience that has helped me with many health-related issues due to stress. I have recommended the course to everyone I know!”
Elaine S.
“More people should know about this course - it’s a fantastic way to deal with stress and anxiety without the use of medications. Ashley’s knowledge and experience kept us all motivated. The class completely exceeded my expectations.“
Natalie A.
“Ashley is a bright light. Her energy is epic. She made this experience significantly more enjoyable than I could have imagined!”
Sarah L.

Koru Mindfulness

“The tools I learned in this class became the most important resource I had to stay energetic and positive during job interviews - thank you!”
Santiago M.
“This class helped me learn to take time for myself every day and focus on what’s important. Ashley is a great teacher - caring and considerate and full of wonderful energy. This is a course all students should experience early in their college career.”
Hannah S.
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