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Wellness Coaching

Coaching Services

Group Wellness Coaching

In this series of classes, each participant brings their own agenda and works on whatever aspects of their health and wellness they choose.  Each class provides opportunities for reflection as participants learn how to break down goals into realistic, incremental weekly experiments. Ashley provides tools, structure, and guidance. The group provides accountability and support.

Each class incorporates evidence-based tools such as mindfulness, appreciative inquiry, motivational interviewing, journal writing, and goal setting – to assist participants in creating lasting change. Every human is capable of taking charge of their wellbeing – this series shows you how!

Sample Goals Include:

  • Organizing Your Life

  • Getting Better Sleep

  • Becoming More Active

  • Increasing Energy and Focus

  • Cultivating Mindfulness and Positivity

  • Adopting Better Eating Habits

  • Becoming Financially Fit

One-on-one Wellness Coaching

As a professional wellness coach, Ashley works with clients individually to help them reach their ideal state of health and wellness.  Clients choose to work on any aspect of their life that nourishes their well-being:  nutrition, weight management, sleep, exercise/physical activity, energy level, stress management, connections to family, friends, work or spirituality. 

Coaching sessions are a balanced conversation between the client’s wellness vision (“the big picture” of why this work is deeply important to you – how you will look, act and feel at your ideal state of health) and weekly goals (“the to-do’s” – specific, measurable and realistic goals conducted as experiments).  Ashley helps clients bridge the gap between knowing what they “should” be doing and doing it consistently!  Sessions are hourly and conducted both over the phone and in person.


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